What to bring to Bexley Jack and Jill Preschool

What Should I Pack Each Day For Preschool?

Please label all your child’s belongings clearly with your child’s name.

  • Preschool bag or backpack (large enough to carry all their belongings)
  • Morning tea – such as fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, sandwiches crackers or cheese (in a morning tea container)
  • Lunch – such as fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, sandwiches, wraps, crackers or cheese (in a lunch container – we recommend an container with an ice pack)
  • Water bottle (medium sized – filled with WATER. No cordial, soft drink or flavoured milk please)
  • Change of clothing (to match the season)
  • Wide brimmed sun hat (compulsory all year round – no caps please)
  • Small cushion or small pillow – for relaxation time
  • Sleep Bedding – If your child requires a sleep on a bed they will need a fitted bottom sheet (120 cm x 64 cm with 10-14 cm of elastic sewn across each corner) and a small-medium sized blanket or top sheet for rest time. The sheets/blanket/pillow is taken home each week for washing.


Healthy and Safe Food Reminders

The preschool has a nutrition and healthy food policy and recommends food such as fruit, vegetables, cheese, yoghurt, sandwiches, salads, wraps etc and water to drink.

** Please do not send lollies, chips, chocolate, high sugar content snacks, or nuts.

The preschool is allergy aware and is currently a nut-free zone. This is due to children’s allergies, some which can be life threatening . Please do not send peanut butter, nutella or any other food containing nuts to preschool.

Clothes for Preschool 

Children should wear appropriate clothing for an active and busy day at preschool. They will be involved in many active indoor and outdoor activities as well as art, craft and messy experiences, including paint, mud, sand and glue. Please send your child in comfortable clothing that they feel comfortable to get dirty and possibly wet and move, climb and dance in.  Your child will be learning to manage their clothes for toileting, so please avoid clothes with belts, buckles, tie up waste bands or overalls.

Shoes should be well-fitting sandals, sneakers or similar. Please do not send your child to preschool wearing thongs, heels or gum boots.

Please make sure your child always has a spare change of clothes in their bag that reflects the season including something for a warmer day (t-shirt) or colder day (jacket) if the weather changes unexpectedly.

Sun Protection & Safety

Your child will need to wear a legionnaire or broad-brimmed hat all year round. Beanies are welcome when the UV rating is 2 or less.

Please also dress your child in sun protective clothing – shirts or dresses with collars or high necks and sleeves, trousers, longer shorts, or skirts made with closely woven material. No singlets please.

Please apply SPF 50+ broad spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen to your child before they come to preschool when the UV is 3 or higher. We have 50+ sunscreen available at the sign in bench and the classrooms for you to use if you forget to apply it at home. Sunscreen will be reapplied later in the day before children go outside when the UV is 3 or higher.