Bexley Jack and Jill Preschool
*Delivery and Collection of Children Policy




POLICY:To ensure safe arrival and departure to and from the preschool for all children and their families. To support children in settling into the service each day and experience quality education and care through continuity of educators and positive interactions within the community of the service.


BACKGROUND: It is the responsibility of staff and families to ensure the safe arrival and departure of children at the education and care setting and the completion of statutory documentation. Practical and safe approaches will promote a smooth transition between home and the preschool and confirms the children’s presence or absence from the service. This ensures a child’s arrival and departure at the service continues their safe care and custody.



·      Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010

·      Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011: 99, 158-159, 168(f), 176



·      2.3.2 Every reasonable precaution is taken to protect children from harm or any hazard likely to cause injury

·      7.3.5 Service practices are based on effectively documented policies and procedures that are available at the service and reviewed regularly



To ensure the safety of all the children in the care of Bexley Jack & Jill Preschool, the following procedures apply to the arrival and departure of children each day;

Attendance Records

·      A record of attendance,kept at the centre, includes the date, full name of each child attending,arrival and departure times, and signature of the person who delivers and collects the child or the Nominated Supervisor or educator.

·      The child will leave the centre only with the parent authorised nominee, an authorised delegate as part of an excursion or because the child requires medical care. (This does not include a parent who is prohibited by a court order from having contact.)

·      An educator will review the Sign In and Out Sheet. Where parents or authorised persons have not signed in a staff member will sign that the child is in attendance.Families will be reminded to complete the record.

·      Ensure that two staff members verify that all children have been signed out of the centre. If a child is not signed out educators will check all areas of the centre to ensure no child remains.This will be confirmed via the Statement on the Sign In/Out Sheet.

·      Request a ‘signed authority to release’ form from family prior to allowing anyone other than those listed on the enrolment form to collect a child from the service.

·      Allow a child to leave the centre only with an “authorised person”, of at least 18 years of age, who appears able to appropriately care for the child. Educators will always actin the interest of safety for the child, themselves and other children in the service. It is at the educators’ discretion to determine if they believe an authorised person is unable to appropriately care for the child on the individual case and circumstances.

·      Families/family member or delegated authority will;

o  Sign each child in and out of the preschool upon arrival and departure, on Record of Attendance with a full signature.

o  Remain responsible for their child whilst they are on the preschool premises.

·      A Roll Book is to be kept for each session(Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday/Friday,Thursday/Friday). The roll will have the child’s name, address, and parent’s mobile numbers.

·      Record attendances in a Roll Book for each child in each group.This is to be completed by the Director or Teacher each day.

·      The Roll and/or Sign In/Out Book will be taken during Emergency Evacuations and used to ensure that all children are accounted for.

·      Both parents have lawful authority of their children and consequently permitted to remove their children from the centres’ care unless a Magistrates Court or Family Law Court make different orders prohibiting contact with the child.Court Orders must be provided to the preschool and will be stored with the child’s enrolment information.


Arrival and Departure – the experience for the child and the family

The responsible person will:

·      On orientation and the first day of enrolment, remind families that all children need to be signed in and out as part of regulatory obligations. Families will also be informed that sign in/out sheetswill be used for emergency evacuations and need to be completed by familiesboth on arrival and departure from the preschool.

·      Develop a roster to provide for continuity of care for the children throughout the day.

Educators and staff will:

·      Set the environment with familiar areas for children to enjoy when they are settling into care. Changes in the environment will be discussed with children and families to promote consistency and to help the children feel secure in their setting.

·      Greet families and find outabout the child’s needs for the day.

·      Support children to participate in an activity, assist with separation for both adults and childrento say goodbye

·      Welcome families at the conclusion of the day and communicate about the child’s day. Any important messages will be passed on to families, including any changes in their child’s routine,accident reports or medication needs.

Families/family member of delegated authority will:

·       Communicate any changes of routine with educators. This communication may include information about medication, a change in routine, a person other than a known authorised adult picking up a child and completing documentation or if there is a change in time of arrival or departure for a child. These must beknown by educators to ensure safety and wellbeing of each child.

·      If arriving before 9.00 am must stay with their child until the doors open.The preschool is licensed to care for children between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm. While educators are present at the preschool prior to 9.00 am and after 3.00 pm, they are not available to supervise the children.

·      If arriving before 9.00 am are to wait with their child inside the gate at the Queen Victoria St entrance until the front door is opened at 9.00 am. If the weather is wet parents will use the Northbrook St entrance where there is some shelter.

·      If arriving after 9.00 am are to enter through the Northbrook St entrance.

·       Bring their child inside the preschool building and assist to unpack morning tea and lunch boxes, place bag in locker and sign the Attendance Book and then direct their child to a staff member or an activity before the parent leaves.

·       During Terms 1 and 4, when the weather is warmer,children will commence their day with Outdoor Activities.

·      During Terms 2 and 3, when the weather is colder, children will commence their day with Indoor Activities.

·      Ensure they are on time tocollect their child as children can be quickly upset if parents are late.

·      If in an emergency parents will be late, they are asked to please call and advise thestaff so thatchildren may be informed and arrangements made. See Late Collection of Children.

·      Parents are regularly reminded to be aware of the importance to firmly close all gates when entering or leaving the preschool premises. Also to ensure that no child other than their own leaves with them.

·      An educator is to remain supervising the gate and/or door as children depart.

Authorizationfor Collecting Children

Thepreschool will;

·      Ensure that parents complete Emergency Contact details on enrolment form or“Authorisation to Collect” form for any adult, other than the parent, who is to collect their child from preschool.

·      Ensure that children are only collected by adults authorized by the parent to collect their child.

·      If parents are separated or divorced they are required to inform the Centre of any custody arrangements. Copies of any Court Orders mustbe provided to the Centre before access by either parent is to be restricted.

·       An “authorised person” will be required to show photo ID to educators prior to collecting and signing out child/ren.

·       Staff members are to check the name on the photo ID againstthe list of approved persons to collect the child. A person is not allowed tocollect a child if they do not have ID, or if the ID does not match theauthorisation list.

·       If the educator cannot confirm that the person trying to collect the child is authorised to collect the child, the child’s parents will be contacted immediately.

·      If an unauthorized person attempts to collect a child the Nominated Supervisor or Educator will keep the child with them until having made contact with the parent or other authorized responsible adult.

·      If a parent rings during the day to inform that an unauthorized person is to collect their child, staff ensure that parent’s voice is recognized and/or that child’s date of birth is requested from parent.Record details of person to collect on form kept near the office telephone andcheck identity on arrival.

·      Ensure that children are only collected by a responsible adult who is at least 18 years of age.


Family Access

The preschool will;

·       Ensure that parents are able to have access to their child at any time during the day.

·       Ensure that parents can exchange information about the child with primary contact staff at mutually convenient times on an ongoing basis.

·       Ensure that if parents are separated or divorced they are required to inform the Centre of any custody arrangements. Copies of any Court Orders must be providedto the Centre before access by either parent is to be restricted.

·       Any person who has been forbidden by court order from having contact with a child attending the preschool;

o  Must not be given any information concerning that child.

o  Must not be allowed to enter the premises of the preschool while the child is attending the service.

o  Must not be permitted to collect the child from the preschool.

Late Collection of Children

·      The preschool is licensed for children to attend the Centre between 9 and 3. Educators must meet Regulations at all times and would be contravening these regulations if they supervise children at the Centre outside these hours. Late collection can be verydistressing for the child.

·      The Centre understands that parents can be late for collecting their child for a variety of legitimate reasons. Ifparents/caregivers are to be late that they inform the Centre by phone so that staff are able to explain this to the child and make preparations for the care of the child.

·      After 3 pm the usual signin/out book will be replaced by the Late Book which requires the parent to record the child’s name, date and time of collection, and reason for late collection.

·      If a name appears in the late book three times the parent will begin to incur a fee of $1 for each minute late for each late collection. If the problem persists after three late collection fees the possibilities of finding more appropriate care will be discussed with the parent.

·      Two Educators are to remain on the premises with any late child until they are collected by an authorized, responsible adult.


Thepreschool will;

·      Ensure that all visitors to the Centre sign the visitor’s book with name, date, arrival and departure time, reason for visit.

·      Ensure that any visitor (including parent volunteers) is to be accompanied by primary contact staff whenever they are in the presence of children.

Concerns for Safety, Health and Wellbeing of the Child

Educators and staff will always act in the interest of safety for the child, themselves and other children in the care and education service. If staff members are concerned for the safety of a child or do not consider that a person is in a fit state to take responsibility for a child, they will exercise their duty of care by not allowing the child to be removed from the service by that person. In this circumstance, staff will contact an authorised nominee to collect the child.

Situations when this may occur include:

·      when a parent or other person who is authorised to collect the child seems to be ill or affected by drugs or alcohol and does not appear to be able to safely carefor the child; and

·      when a young person who is authorised to collect the child, for example a sibling,does not seem sufficiently mature to safely care for the child.



 Approved Provider

·       Ensure the service operates in line with the Education and Care Services National Law and National Regulations 2011 with regard to the delivery and collection of children at all times.

 Nominated Supervisor

·      Provide supervision,guidance and advice to ensure adherence to the policy at all times.

·      Ensure children are adequately supervised, are not subject to in appropriate discipline, and are protected from harms and hazards.

·      Ensure children do not leave the education and care service premises except in accordance with the National Regulations (for example, with a parent, on an authorised excursion, or for emergency medical treatment).

·      Ensure that a parent of a child being educated and cared for by the service may enter the service premises at any time when the child is being educated and cared for by the service—except when:

o  permitting entry would pose a risk to the safety of the children and staff or conflict with the duty of the supervisor under the National Law, or

o  the supervisor is aware the parent is prohibited by a court order from having contact with the child.

·      Ensure an unauthorised person (as defined in the National Law) is not at the service while children are present unless the person is under direct supervision.


Early Childhood Educators/Certified Supervisors

·      Ensure accuracy of attendance record at all times.

·      Be available for individual greeting and settling of children.

·      Provide a supportive and welcoming environment for children and families to assist with separation and settling.

·      Follow all service procedures regarding the delivery and collection of children.



·      Completely fill in the details of the attendance sheet at the service upon arrival and at the time of departure, including signature.

·       Communicate any changes of routine with educators.

·       Leave your child in the direct care of a staff member.

·       Ensure educators are aware your child has been collected from the service.

·       Provide the service with any court orders relating to your child.



Arrival and departure times encourage families to interact in the environment, build relationships, open communication networks and ensure the safety of children when being delivered and collected from the preschool.

Policy reviewed March 2015