Bexley Jack and Jill Preschool
*Governance and Management of the Service Policy





To ensure our organisation has good governance we will:

·       Conduct our affairs legally, ethically and with integrity, ensuring compliance with all funding, regulatory and legislative requirements placed on the organisation.

·       Remain solvent and comply with financial obligations.

·       Identify organisational risks and legal obligations and manage these through policies and relevant processes; and

·       Ensure that mechanisms are in place for fair and transparent governance.


BACKGROUND: Our preschool recognises the importance of having a framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes within and by which authority is exercised and controlled in the organisation. We view good governance and management as essential to our provision of quality education and care in a responsible manner. The Management Committee, supported by the Nominated Supervisor, Educators and Staff, is responsible for the direction of Bexley Jack and Jill Preschool and its effectiveness and works to ensure the preschool is conducted within all relevant legal requirements.



·      Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010

·      Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011

·       N.S.W. Associations Incorporations Act 2009



·      7.3 Administrative systems enable the effective management of a quality service



·      Governance and Management of the Service – Sample Policy. Community Child Care Cooperative

·      Sample Schedule of Delegation. Trinity Preschool Orange





Bexley Jack & Jill Pre-school Inc.is a community-based early childhood service owned and run by the community. It is an independently incorporated service.


While the physical structure of the building and the land are owned by Rockdale Council, the service belongs to the people who use it and any profits made are channelled back into the service for the benefit of the children.


The volunteer Management Committee makes all legal, ethical, financial, employment, planning and policy making decisions. Its responsibility is total.


The Management Committee is elected by parents and family members and provides a way for users of our service to have a say in what happens at the centre. It is also a way for parents to participate in the management of the preschool.


When parents are actually involved indecision making they are more likely to understand decisions and to make a commitment to support them. It is also more likely that the service will reflect the real needs of the families and the community.



The management of our preschool is overseen by the Management Committee.The Management Committee is accountable to members for the performance of the organisation.


Management Committee Role

The Management Committee has overall responsibility to members for the sustainability and relevance of the service. The Management Committee will direct its activities towards achieving the organisation’s goals and implementing the organisation’s Quality Improvement Plan by guiding and monitoring the organisation’s business and affairs in line with the objects as set out in the organisation’s rules and inline with the organisation’s philosophy.


In carrying out its responsibilities, the Management Committee undertakes to maximise the value and contribution of the organisation to the community,and to serve the interests of the organisation’s members, employees and families and children using the service. In serving these interests there is an implicit understanding that the rights of the child are paramount in all decision making.


The Management Committee is the employer of all staff of the organisation and is responsible for the management and control of the organisation as the Approved Provider of education and care under the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 and the Education and Care Services National Regulations.



The Management Committee will:

·       Ensure that a comprehensive set of policies are in place as required under Education and Care Service Regulations and other Regulations and laws that the service must comply with;

·       Ensure that these policies comply with relevant legislation; and

·       Update these policies on a regular basis.

Compliance Measures

The Management Committee will:

Ensure that mechanisms are in place such as compliance tools and a compliance calendar to assist them to assess that the organisation’s policies are implemented; and

Prepare a sample service summary sheet for new committee members [see page 59 of C.C.C.C’s So Now You are On the Committee for a sample service summary sheet]



The Management Committee will:

·       Ensure that the organisation’s constitution is followed at all times;

·       Ensure that each new member of the Management Committee is provided with a copy of the organisation’s constitution and Quality Improvement Plan on their appointment to the Management Committee.


Management Committee Powers

The Management Committee sets the strategic direction and monitors performance of the organisation. The Management Committee will provide effective governance to ensure excellent overall management of the organisation’s business and financial objectives.


In addition, the Management Committee members may delegate any of their powers (with the exception of the power of delegation and responsibilities as Approved Provider) the Director, an employee or any other person.


The Board/Management Committee delegates the responsibility of implementing the strategic plan and day-to-day management of the organisation to the service’s Director.


In discharging its powers, each Director/Management Committee member will be bound by the Associations Act/Corporations Act, the Constitution and all policies of the organisation.


A Schedule of Delegations will be provided to each Committee Member clarifying responsibilities.


The Board’s/Management Committee’s authority includes:

  • Overseeing the organisation including its control and accountability systems;
  • Appointing and removing the Director;
  • Ratifying the appointment of all staff members;
  • Developing organisational strategy and performance objectives;
  • Reviewing, ratifying and monitoring systems of risk management and internal control, codes of conduct, and legal compliance;
  • Monitoring the Director’s performance and implementation of strategy;
  • Approving and monitoring financial and other reporting;
  • Authorising appropriate delegations within the organisation;
  • Ensuring appropriate resources are available to carry out the organisation’s functions; and
  • Approving and monitoring the progress of major capital expenditure.


Risk Management

The Management Committee will:

·       Ensure the organisation operates with and to a valid Constitution and that all governance and management practices of the Management Committee and staff align with the Constitution;

·       Demonstrate achievement of this through accessible meeting minutes; and

·       Assist Committee members to receive ongoing support and professional development in the implementation of effective and evidence based governance practice.


Code of Conduct

Management Committee members will:

·       Commit themselves to ethical, businesslike, and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and professional decorum when acting as Management Committee members;

·       Demonstrate un-conflicted loyalty to the interests of the organisation when acting as a Management Committee member;

·   Work impartially, collaboratively and harmoniously with other Committee members, Centre Director, staff and families;

·       Actively seek knowledge and current, accurate information about the operations of the Centre;

·       Avoid conflicts of interest with respect to their role;

·       Annually disclose their involvement with other organisations or companies that currently do business or may do business with the organisation;

·       Immediately disclose to the Management Committee any and all impending conflicts of interest. That member shall absent her/himself  without comment from both the deliberation and final decision-making;

·       Not use information exclusive to Management Committee members for personal gain and will respect the confidentiality of all information obtained during meetings or through their role;

·      Attend Management Committee meetings on a regular basis;

·       Respect the confidentiality appropriate to issues of a sensitive nature;and

·      Tender a resignation if unable to consistently uphold any of the above standards of behaviour within the Code of Conduct


Election of Management Committee Positions

The Management Committee is elected at a meeting of people who use the preschool. This meeting is the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) of the preschool, which is held in February each year on a Tuesday evening.


The committee is generally elected fora one year term. At present the number of committee members elected is ten.


Management Committee Positions

Within the committee there are a number of roles, these are:

The Executive

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer

Support Members of Management Committee

  • Four Activity Co-ordinators
  • Publicity Officer


Individual Roles

The following is an outline of the roles of the individual Management Committee positions. Please keep in mind these roles may vary from year to year according to the needs of Bexley Jack& Jill Preschool.



The president’s role encompasses three broad areas:

  • leadership
  • public relations
  • liaison

 To be effective in these areas it is important that the president has awareness and an understanding of the needs of children and families and the role of the preschool within the community.

 The president has the task of making sure the committee is running smoothly and is achieving its aims.

Key responsibilities include:-

  • Be the Committee’s delegated authority as Provider of the Centre
  • Lead the Centre’s vision and mission and achievement of the organisations goals
  • Being spokesperson for the preschool, representing the preschool in the community and with the council.
  • Making sure the twice a term committee meetings are held and organised in advance. Proper notice must be given and a quorum of members (3) must be present. (A quorum is a specific number of members required to be present at a committee meeting and is defined in the constitution or rules of the preschool).
  • Develop the agenda: this should be done in consultation with other committee members and the director (it is important that there be a process available for members of the association and staff to include items for discussion on the agenda).
  • To chair meetings: this entails working through the agenda, prioritising agenda items if time is limited, ensuring discussion remains relevant, keeping discussions to appropriate time, allow everyone to have an opportunity to put forth their opinions and signing the minutes after they have been confirmed. It is essential that the chairperson have knowledge of procedures and run meetings in accordance with the rules of the pre-school.
  • Provide and co-ordinate other reports required (e.g. director’s,treasurer’s).
  • Prepare and deliver a detailed annual report at the AGM of the association.
  • Communicate regularly with other members of the committee and staff,keeping-on-track tasks that have been allocated, ensure committee members are kept informed and involved between meetings. Staying in touch with day to day happenings.
  • Making sure all decisions made at meetings are followed through.
  • Acting on behalf of the committee in between meetings. When emergencies happen the president may organise a meeting with executive members of the committee to make decisions on behalf of the whole committee.
  • Lead recruitment and orientation processes of new Committee members and Centre Director
  • Ensure the Centre’s compliance with all statutory requirements


An involved president can give the director and staff a great deal of support and practical help. Where a good rapport exists between president, committee, director and staff, the preschool overall is stronger and better.


While the role of the president tends to be an all-encompassing role, help and support of fellow committee members can be enlisted in any area. The president should delegate and co-ordinate tasks into achievable action.



  •  Support and substitute for the President in his/her absence.
  • The vice-president supports the role of the president, and undertakes the president’s role during any absence.
  • To assist the president, committee and staff where required, especially where Rockdale City Council is concerned e.g. organise maintenance of the preschool.
  • In past years the vice-president has organised quotes and renovations, carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning and pest control for the pre-school, also organised the opening of the preschool premises, in out-of-work hours for workmen etc.
  • To assist the Director and Staff when required e.g. purchase shoppingitems



  •  The secretary is responsible for keeping the records of the preschool (other than financial) and for dealing with the correspondence.
  •  These tasks include:-
  • Keeping a current list of committee members, including addresses and contact numbers
  • Keeping accurate records (minutes) of all meetings - A.G.M., Committee, Parent and Executive meetings.
  • Type up and distribute copies of minutes before the next meeting, in accordance with procedures outlined in the preschool’s rules of incorporation.
  • Organise the president to sign all Parent Meeting Minutes.
  • Report all incoming and outgoing mail / correspondence and to point out any that might need special or urgent attention.
  • Respond to any correspondence required or directed by the committee.
  • Collate bulletin e.g. Collect all reports, type up ready for newsletter.
  • Be responsible for keeping the committee files in order and up to date.
  • To support other committee members, staff and pre-school events when required or needed.



  • The treasurer has responsibility for overseeing financial management and keeping the committee informed of the financial state of the preschool.
  • Tasks for which the treasurer is responsible include:-
  • Lead the Committee’s review of and action related to the Committee’s financial responsibilities
  • The preparation and monitoring of the budget with President and Director e.g. making sure finances are planned in advance.
  • Liaise with the Accounts Officer and the presentation of financial reports at regular meetings (A.G.M. and Committee) e.g. record and report at every meeting all monies in / out and balance of school funds. These reports should be easily understood by committee members. These reports will be prepared by the Accounts Officer.
  • Ensuring correct accounting procedures including the appropriate keeping of associated documentation (invoices, bank statements, etc.).
  • Collecting / receiving of monies with correct procedures of accompanying documentation (receipting, recording, etc.)
  • Making payments authorised by the committee.
  • To work with Assistant treasurer, counting and banking cheques/cash collected for fundraising activities.
  • Presentation of a detailed report and results of audit at the AGM.
  • Arrange change of signatures with the bank, after election of the new committee.
  • ·      To support other committee members, staff and pre-school events when required or needed.


The Treasurer’s role has two fields of responsibility;             

·      Information (keeping the committee up to date with the pre-school’s position)

·      Administration (the daily management of the finances)

Over the past few years we have streamlined the Treasurer’s job by separating the information giving role from some of the many tasks of the day to day financial administration e.g.collecting / banking fees, paying wages, paying bills. These tasks have been taken over by our Accounts Officer.

Assistant Treasurer

  • The assistant treasurer assists the treasurer with the financial management of the Centre
  •  These tasks include;
  • Count fundraising money, bank cheques/cash with the treasurer.
  • Report to committee on fee return response.


Activity Co-ordinator x 4

  •  These members are responsible for organising fundraising/ social events for the preschool, after discussion with the whole management committee. Past fundraisers/ social events have included Easter Raffle, chocolate drives, book sale, tea-towel sale,Treasurer-Hunt-A-Thon, toy catalogue sale, Christmas Raffle.
  • Individual co-ordinators will be allocated different fund raising events to organise and supervise. Larger fundraising events may require several co-ordinators.
  • To organise guest speakers or displays for Parent Meetings
  • To report at committee meetings the progress or results of fund raising and social events.
  • To promote fundraising events, social events at meetings, through handouts, notice board etc.
  • To liaise with Publicity officer the preparation of each poster required to promote fundraising or social events.
  • To support other committee members, staff and preschool events when needed or required.


Publicity Officer

  • This member prepares all the colourful and attractive notice boards which advertise our fundraising or social events.
  • Notice boards to be prepared at least 2 1/2 weeks prior to the event and placed on pin boards.
  • Liaise with staff members the location of cardboard, textas etc.available to use for the job.
  • To liaise with the other committee members events, signs and dates which need to be advertised on notice boards.
  • Notice boards which have been done in the past include — Parent Meetings, Raffles, Hot Dog Days, Fund Raising Events, and Christmas Parties.
  •  To support other committee members, staff and pre-school events when required or needed.


 Management Committee Meetings

The Management Committee normally meets twice a term, on Tuesday evenings at 7.30 pm. Meetings usually run for 1 to 2 hours.


Management Committee members are required to attend these meetings and the AGM which is held in February.


Management Committee/Staff Communication Processes

The Management Committee (and each individual member) formally communicates with the staff of the Centre through the Centre Director. However, the Centre Director may delegate another staff member to deal with or assist the Committee, its Sub-Committee or individual members, either generally or on particular matters. Notwithstanding such delegation, the Centre Director remains responsible for the actions and performance of all staff members.


Mutual respect should exist at all times between Committee members and staff, and recognition be given of the complementary roles of each. The Committee should seek and respect the advice of staff members, but must at all times make its own considered decisions upon the issue.


Any Committee or individual member’s complaint regarding any Centre staff member must be directed through the Centre Director. 



The organisation is recognised for effective governance management practices.The organisation’s philosophy is adhered to, its goals are reached and it continues its quality improvement journey. Organisational risks and legal obligations are identified and managed through policies and relevant processes.


Policy updated November 2015